New Interview with Bonnie Mae, director of 'A Modern Pride and Prejudice' film

Posted by Unknown on Monday, December 27, 2010

Here's my new interview with my friend writer/producer/director Bonnie Mae, who wrote the screenplay, produced, and directed the new independent film, Pride and Prejudice (A modern day tale of First Impressions) starring Maia Petee and Caleb Grusing.

It's still in post-production and editing process. So, I recently did a follow up interview with Bonnie (last time I interviewed her was last February, about 10 months ago, and just a few weeks after the official cast was annnounced here of P&P 2010) to give us an update on the status of her Pride and Prejudice movie (a new alternate title: "A Modern Pride and Prejudice"). I thought while we wait for the trailer, movie poster, and the completed film, I'd ask her the following questions about the movie. Also, I've included here a couple new update on her interview, new stills and on set/behind the scenes photos as well.

Jeane: How was your first day like of filming your P&P movie?
Bonnie Mae: It was COLD!! The cast was great and spent a good half of the day outside filming some pretty intense scenes.

J: What was the atmosphere like on the set with the cast and crew?
BM: We had a ton of fun…Lots of bloopers! Joan and I ended up laughing for no reason every night around midnight because we where so tired. It's fun how when you say “Action,” the actors go into this ultra character state and you feel like you’re in the Jane Austen book. When I would say “Cut,” we would all talk and laugh and take pictures. The actors were so professional when it was time to be “On,” they where “On.”

J: What scene(s) was/were your favorite to shoot?
BM: Wow, I had so many that topped the list, but had a ton of fun at the Governor's Mansion in Denver. We had 8 hrs to do 14 hours worth of filming, three rooms to set up, five scenes and lunch…. it was crazy, but we got it done.

J: What was the last day of filming like?
BM: The very last day we filmed a scene where Elizabeth Bennet goes to see her sick sister at Mr. Bingley's. The last day of filming was a relief because we had finally finished the entire novel, everyone involved gave so much to get it accomplished and we where finally done. I was thinking…”I’m going to have a weekend…My first weekend in three months!”

J: How did the P&P Wrap Party go? Were all the cast and crew present at the party?
BM: It was fun seeing everyone again! We took pictures, have yummy food and talked about everyone’s upcoming projects.

J: Do you still keep in touch with the cast?
BM: Yes! I love to hear about their upcoming projects and I have even cast some of them for my upcoming project.

J: What was the first scene you shot for this film?
BM: It was a very cold May morning and the first scene we had to do was outside with Caleb and Maia. The scene was when Elizabeth confronts Mr. Darcy about Mr. Wickham.

J: What was the last scene?
BM: The last scene we filmed was at the Bingley Estate where Elizabeth walks three miles to see her sick sister.

J: You're currently on post-production and editing process for this film with your DP (Joan Lawson), how many scenes have you edited so far and how many more till you finished the whole film?
BM: Yes, I see Joan three times a week in Denver and we work crazy hours into the night trying to get scenes done. We have finished 35 scenes for Pride and Prejudice and counting. We have 50 more to go but might be less if we end up cutting any scenes.

J: Everyone's been asking and waiting to see the trailer. So, when can we expect to see it?
BM: We wanted to focus on getting a lot of scenes done before we even thought about doing a trailer. We had/have a ton of footage to look at (54 hours = 47 discs) which we are still looking at in between doing scenes. We hope to have the trailer by end of Christmas to the end of January (2011).

J: What about the movie poster? Are there any character posters? Any official stills or clips to whet our appetite?
BM: The movie poster will post when the trailer does before Christmas. I have Elizabeth on the poster as well as a couple other characters/cast members.

We will be releasing the poster in January (2011).

J: The most frequently asked question (I noticed on your FB page for this movie, from everyone) is when will this film be released?
BM: We are hoping by the end of the year but you can’t rush perfection and I want this is be good. You have to remember we filmed the entire book nothing was cut out so there is a ton of footage to edit.

J: Will we see it in theaters, on television, or will it go straight to DVD?
BM: I’m hoping for a TV release and then go to DVD. I’m hoping for PBS to pick up the full 4 hr version for masterpiece theater mini series. The DVD will be sold on Amazon to anyone around the world.

We are hoping for February 14, 2011 (DVD) release.

J: What about the soundtrack? Are you going to release one for this movie?
BM: Yes, we have a ton of upcoming artists that will be on the Pride and Prejudice sound track that will be released with the movie. We are also having the film scored by an orchestra in Boulder, Colorado.

J: What's next for you after this project is completed? Any other films in the works?
BM: I’m currently doing a Trailer for an upcoming series The Origin”, a Sci-Fi about the first Vampires as well as a suspense “Alone”, about two children left alone while there parents are out for New Years. I’ve been a huge Jane Austen fan for years and I’m hoping that Pride and Prejudice does well so I can continue making all of her novels, the next being Persuasion, which is my all time favorite.

Here are some new stills and on set/bts photos...

Pride & Prejudice 2010 stills
(still photos by Tom Kolicko | courtesy of Bonnie Mae)

On Set/Behind the scenes photos
(photos by Tom Kolicko | courtesy of Bonnie Mae)

Thanks a lot to Bonnie Mae (and for her photo used here as well as the new stills and on set/bts photos from P&P 2010) for letting me do another interview with her, here on this blog. Thanks again, Bonnie. I appreciate it very much. :-)

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